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Providing the Right Solutions for Your Credit Repair Problems

Kingdom Builders Credit Repair LLC is a trusted credit repair company. We help clients by providing innovative solutions to their specific problems.  Information is great, but education on your particular credit and finances require individual answers to your situation. There just aren't any two individuals whose credit reports are exactly alike.  Let us help you with your unique challenges.

Who We Are 

Our History

Kingdom Builders Credit Repair LLC began in the early 2000s. Our firm was formed to help consumers take on their questionable credit issues legally and affordable and to provide innovative solutions. Today, Kingdom Builders Credit Repair LLC continues to be a driving force by helping clients with their credit and maintaining our reputation as a reliable credit repair company.


A Trusted Leader in Credit Repair

Kingdom Builders Credit Repair LLC has a long commitment to credit correction research and development. We have solved credit issues of millions of individuals and families for more than 25 years.

Our Location

Our headquarters is located in Columbia, South Carolina, but we service the United States and we are now expanding internationally. 

Why Choose Our Company

Our mission is to "Empower People to have Financial Dominion on Purpose". This is accomplished through knowledge, understanding and a small ounce of belief. At Kingdom Builders Credit Repair LLC, there is no single situation that is too difficult to resolve. We always have the blueprint that solves your credit and financial concerns.

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